PJ CAPITAL We invest in protocols

Protocols are the rules for exchanging information between entities. The Internet is built on top of shared protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, etc). These protocols created huge value for the world, but most of the economic value was captured by companies leveraging these protocols to build massive applications (Google, Facebook, Amazon).

The emergence of blockchain technology is creating a shift towards increased value in protocols. Value concentrates at the protocol layer and away from individual applications. Protocols have unusual economies of scale and strong network effects.

We believe blockchain protocols will have profound implications for the next generation of applications and businesses, especially in financial services. The leaders in this space will create the future economy.

We prefer to be significant investors in a small number of promising teams each year, focusing our efforts on your team. An investment from PJ Capital is about more than just our capital. We bring operational expertise, talented advisors, and a supportive community. We help you move faster and scale bigger.

Our broad focus is on teams building the blockchain protocols supporting the future economy - helping businesses, developers, and individuals drive economic growth and innovation through simpler, cheaper, and more direct access to security, financial technology, information and global connection.

Contact: info@pj.capital